The story behind Elvis Et Moi

This week I was lucky enough to have a chat with Emilie, the director and designer of our gorgeous jewellery label, Elvis et moi. Emilie has had a lifelong passion for accessories, seeing them as beautiful armour that protects the wearer. She designs pieces of fine gold-filled jewellery that elevate any outfit and represent universal love. Beads and stones for Elvis et moi jewellery are curated from around the planet and recycled metals are used whenever possible. In an effort to protect human rights and reduce environmental impact, the brand works with members of the Responsible Jewellery Council. Each piece of jewellery is handcrafted with love in Mosman, Australia.


What year did you establish your brand? 

I start designing around 2010, but the brand really established itself in 2013.


How did you come up with the name of your brand?

I am a big fan of Elvis Presley, I admire the fact that he created a movement (rock’n’roll) and bought to light popular African American music. He gave chances to this culture and could marry the blues to his creation, and the rest is history.


Is there a trend you can remember from the very beginning that makes you cringe now? 

Not for jewellery, but I do remember the 90’s and the trend of anything fluro. May we leave that fashion moment in the past!


Do you have a favourite piece you've designed that sticks to your mind?

Yes, my first ring, the skull ring I love it and still cherish it. 


What's your number one tip for choosing a new piece of jewellery?

I think what talks to you, something that it is quite versatile and you will be able to wear from day to night.


What trend should we buy into this season that will stand the test of time?

BIG statement earrings are huge, but to stand the test of time a simple pearl style is essential to everyone’s jewellery wardrobe.


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